Electric Commuter Bikes | How Do You Ride an E-bike Commuter Safely | Five Tips for Electric Bike Commuting  

Electric Commuter Bikes How Do You Ride an E-bike Commuter Safely Five Tips for Electric Bike Commuting 

There are a lot of reasons why people choose e-bikes over motorized vehicles or public transportation when commuting. Riders opt for e-bikes out of necessity, as cars can be more expensive.  

While electric bikes save you more money in the long run, they can be an excellent outlet to stay active as well. They boost your energy at the start of the day down to heading home.  

Whatever problems you have when commuting, the use of electric bikes can surely improve them. If you have done some research on e-bikes, you’ll know that they are both increasing in sales and popularity today. 

What to Know About Electric Commuter Bikes? 

One consideration many people do when creating a change in their daily lives is how to make traveling easy and less of a hassle.  

They think of solutions on how to eliminate the stress of parking their car or being stuck in traffic. The expenses on maintenance, parking, gas, etc., must be included on the list too. Also, when driving on a conventional bicycle, riders often worry about getting too sweaty when arriving at work. 

Here are electric commuter bikes to save your commute problems! 

How Can Commuter E-bikes Make   Everyday Work Easy for You?  

How Can Commuter E-bikes Make Everyday Work Easy for You
  • In this pandemic era, more people are turning to electric-powered bikes for their daily commute. If you plan to purchase one for work, you’ll likely be driving it back and forth, up to ten or twelve times a week. In this case, you must get a quality e-bike that suits your lifestyle.  
  • Commuter e-bikes are built for city dwellers and urban environments. They are ideal for daily travel and for casual rides.
  • Electric commuter bikes make a good adventure bike as well.  
  • However, they differ from mountain e-bikes in terms of strength. Mountain e-bikes are built for different kinds of terrain and to survive challenging weather conditions. Read more about mountain e-bikes here. (hyperlink) 

How Do You Ride a Commuter E-bike   Safely?  

How Do You Ride a Commuter E-bike Safely

Below, we will explain to you how you can effectively and safely ride an electric commuter bike. Who knows, you might consider a commuter e-bike as a year-round mode of your everyday transportation.  

Charge and Monitor your Battery 

Charge your commuter e-bike the night before to ensure that you have enough power to get to work. Riders make this part of their daily routine when putting the vehicle away, so they don’t have to worry about it when in use. 

Wear the Proper Clothing 

To be comfortable on your ride, wear the proper clothes that meet the season but ensure thinner layers than bulky ones. You should also wear visible or reflective clothing as they are more apparent when the day begins to get low.  

Always prepare a rain jacket just in case it rains. You would also want to get rid of wearing pants when driving as they may get caught in the chain. 

Prepare Your Bags and Cargo 

Prepare your cargo the night before — your work items, bike lock, repair kit, water bottle, etc. Having your stuff ready will keep you less anxious in the morning, especially when heading for work.  

You may also want to consider a cycle bag. When installing these bags to your commuter e-bike, ensure that you balance the weight correctly.  

Always Wear Helmet 

Nothing ever goes wrong with a helmet on. Give yourself peace of mind when driving, so get one that fits perfectly on your head.  

GetMount Head & Tail Lights for Your Commuter E-bike 

Get lights for both the front and back of your electric bicycle. Having these lights will keep you safe and visible when driving at night. Once these lights are installed on your electric commuter bike, you will never get caught out again for a whole year-round.  

Install Reflectors 

Reflectors shouldn’t be used as an alternative to lights but as an addition to them. Reflectors that you can install in the spokes of the wheels are especially significant. They are visible to people who see you on the side or as you drive through intersections and can’t see your lights.  

Use a Bell 

“On your left” is the common cyclist’s call. However, with people wearing their headphones on, you can’t be too sure that they get your signal. Get yourself a bell bike as a method to communicate, making people know that you are passing through.  

Brake Sooner 

With the speed of an electric bicycle, you must break sooner to slow your bike down. The practice of braking sooner will become second nature, but keep in mind that when there’s water somewhere on the road, you need to brake even sooner. The water gives poor traction and will increase the stopping distance.

Know the Laws of the Road 

The laws of the road are built for a reason. Keep yourself safe and those around you by following these rules. Identify which trails allow e-bike and know them before driving. Help e-bikers have an excellent reputation in the cycling community.  

Stay Clean with Fenders 

Fenders aren’t just a safety element. Fenders resist mud and water from splashing onto your clothes. They also help you get rid of things on the road when driving, allowing you to bike with confidence. 

Five Tips for Electric Bike Commuting

Look Out for Crowded Road  

The advantage of e-bike commuting is that you don’t have to drive down busy roads. Besides safety and accessibility, looking out for busy streets will also make your commute faster and more enjoyable.  

Use Map Apps 

Riding on an e-bike means better route options available for you. Map apps display different route options. Keep in mind that commuting back home has fewer time restrictions than heading to work. Hence, leaving you more time to explore newer routes at your leisure.  

Keep a Phone Mount 

The phone mount is another safety feature. Keep a handlebar mount for your phone, so you don’t have to constantly reach it in your pocket while driving. Having a phone mount means you can monitor and change your route with ease and confidence.  

Aero or Drop Bars 

Aero or Drop Bars are two kinds of handlebars associated with either road or race e-bikes. They are excellent for commuters as they make your ride more comfortable. They making the ride more aerodynamic, lessens the drag and allowing you to drive faster.  

Keep Your Commuter E-bike Secure

Get your e-bike a hefty lock for security. A good lock can deter those attempting to steal your electric bike. You may also want to take your battery off and take it into the office with you. Allowing you to charge the battery and have it fully charged as you drive back home. 

Conclusion | Are Electric Commuter Bikes A Great Option   For  You? 

There are a hundred ways to make commuting more comfortable. As you use your e-bike longer, you may find yourself discovering better seats, handlebars, and accessories to help you have a better riding experience.  

When starting to drive with a commuter e-bike, a great tip to consider is to start easy with a day or two in a week until you can start driving every day. Your legs will thank you, but you will also gain more confidence by taking it slowly. Keep in mind that your commuter e-bike doesn’t have to be used only for work but also for leisure, scenic driving.   

Needless to say, electric bikes give you the ease to get to work without stress and sweat. With proper planning, you can save yourself time and money while taking part in healing the environment.